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Photoshoot 101 – Matric Dance

Right, well it’s been ages since I last posted… tons of amazing things have happened this year and there has been incredible progress with me personally as well as with the business… I’m soon launch a few new sites which will concentrate specifically on mine and Amber’s holistic therapies and then too to add some touch ups to this site. I will also start posting about my experiences in my photo shoots with bits and tips, challenges and successes…

And well, to it hit it off – here’s one of my recent shoots of Michelle and Samantha’s matric dance…

I was greeted on the saturday by the most amazing family who have an incredible small holding, coupled with exotic cars, horses and fields as far as the eye could see…

Unfortunately, I was plagued with torrential rains which killed nearly all of my ideals of fields shots, pics with the horses and cars…  This is where a photographer really needs to find their wits about them and say – “NO PROBLEM – I have it under control”. I found mine after a quick call to a friend….  Needless to say… we jumped in between the rain, held out the umbrellas, sloshed over the grass and mud and worked around VERY bad lighting!!!!  All in all – a successful photoshoot…

I have to say, shooting in cloud cover is still my best and is just the easiest to get perfect skin tones… Oh and well – these two ladies were just the best to work with and remarkably beautiful!!!

Take a look below:

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So – My photography was a hit!!

It’s 13 days before Christmas… but, today we had to have our family Christmas lunch because sister-darling is jetting off to Cape Town for a few weeks of holiday… with that… this morning was Christmas shopping… and I had to finish it all in all of 4 hours!!!!!

Not the ideal for a Librian who needs WEEKS for this type of stuff!!! However, my partner Curt and I (BOTH Librian’s) made a HUGE success of getting it all done in the required time!!!

Here was the twist and a mark for Irvin Sammons as a photographer! I’m YET to print ANY of my photos!!!! Strange and weird as it may seem, but it’s a fact!

The printing was to start today!

When I got my 50mm prime lens about a month ago, I took a ton of pics of my sister’s children and decided that some of the pics would be the perfect gift for her Christmas gift….

Although I really had to narrow them down to all of two pics! One of Blade and one of Spyder…

Pic number one is of Blade.. and thank goodness for Curt helping me choose a more subtle pic of the boy!

And then there is the other child… Spyder…

With these two pics… I decided to blow them up to A2…. And that is friggin HUGE!!!!  The results… Well…. AWESOME!!!! Pin sharp focus, perfect colour and just all round.. two beautiful pics…… Aside from  these two… I decided to print some of my favourite pics from my Salt Rock holiday…. taking my prints to the most amazing photo lab in there world for printing… AGFA Greenstone… ..

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