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Some quiet time before the BIG 30!

Irvin Sammons

Irvin with Enzo

The last day of 29! Damn! Am I getting old?? Should I be in absolute fear of turning 30. Cry? Be depressed?? Ummmmmm NAH!

I’ve always welcomed my birthdays and every year has just been getting better and better. When I look back over the past 5 years or so I can only smile at the amazing development I’ve seen in myself. All the challenges that I’ve passed through and all the amazing people that have come into my life. There’s been great sadness and many tears when I’ve had to say goodbye to many many close family and friends. Probably the greatest I loss I endured was saying goodbye to my dear Jesse.

There’s been the change of jobs and working on my own business… Bringing my passions and hearts desires into being through my work with animals, my work with people through reiki and coaching, my photography and piano…

I’m having a little bit of quite time now that the Doc went off to the lab to do some work, and I’m sitting outside counting up all the things I’ve seen, done, experienced, people I’ve met, people I’ve let go of, but most importantly, the man that I’ve become… The gratitude that I’m experiencing now is REALLY overwhelming!

Tomorrow is the big day for me and I’m going to be sure to live it up! Tonight we’re having people over as a prelude dinner for my 30th, tomorrow is breakfast with friends who I have not seen in ages, then we’re dashing off for lunch with other friends, and finally a very fancy schmancy dinner in Sandton with the family! Then of course the BIG party next week friday!

Well, to The Twenties – I humbly say thank you! You have set the most amazing foundation for my life to come… As they say, life begins at 30… and hell am I only going to take advantage of that and everyday there after!

A special shout-out and thanks to all my wonder friends for being with me and making every day SO worthwhile… my exceptional online community of friends! My amazing family who have stuck by me and supported me in everything that I’ve done… My sister – you’re just amazing and God only knows what I’d do without you, and my special man (THE DOC) for letting me feel true love, standing by side and making me laugh like never before!

I love you all!!!! Time to party it up now!!!

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Am I worthy????

There is this little man that came into my life last September….

The bubbliest little monster I could have ever asked for… He’s been mentioned in previous posts of my late Jesse… And a very few close friends have met him.

He became Jesse’s best friend in a matter of minutes… Met up to Pets As Therapy as their AGM face… and following the crossing over of Jesse, has stepped into the biggest of shoes and has stood firmly on his ground….

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Be humble….

Those were the two words my god-father said to me repeatedly tonight…. and they’re sinking in…

It all started with me having to park my Merc for night and day and take the little NP200 for it’s window tinting and radio fitment… It carried on to me sitting in nearly 90 minutes of traffic at 5:45am!!!!!! – NOT IMPRESSED! This was first sign where I started to miss the automatic, then there was the lack of sound… and no air-con… oh gosh, and the smell of leather was missing too!!! (Yes, call me a pretentious little prat)

The day happened, the rain came and the evening arose….

Got back to the house safe enough – still missing the leather, aircon, the auto and cruise control and we all went off for a quick pizza….

On the road back…. I had to emphasize how I loved my car… (Dad said, “Be humble”)… I went back to saying how I missed the control and comfort, (Dad said, “Just be humble”)  and his words sunk in deep enough for me think about that all the way home and to get online and write about it…..

These past weeks haven’t been the easiest for me…. Although I have pretty much accepted the passing of Jesse, I still think about her every day and night and shed the odd tear when no one is looking…

“Be humble” has sped me on to realising how my I do take for granted in my life… to take the step back and look at every moment I’m living, every breath I’m taking and just be humble, and give thanks… Before I complain and moan, look at my immediate situation and just… “BE HUMBLE”….

It’s a serious change of perception, but an inviting one all the same….

As I’m sure all you have noticed, there’s a picture at the top of all my posts… and they’re all relevant to how I’m feeling… The one above of Jesse and I just spoke out to me tonight with the words:

Smile from ear to ear…… Love unconditionally … and be Humble…

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The control….

So 2010 happened… and 2011 is here now…

Strange how we don’t have any control over the days… the weeks … months and years… and too have control over life…

I have said cherio to my Jesse, understanding it was her time to leave and will be facing 2011 without her…  this which I didn’t have control over either…..

Today was day 3 without her…. yes  - I’m carrying on about my girl…(hell it’s still wrenching my heart guys – so I’m allow to…) but I never thought my Enzo would step up to standards and so quickly as well… I took my little boy out to the dam this afternoon – he was so well behaved…. subdued and very ‘pa-vas’….. but a knight in shining armour, greeting everyone and touching souls…. (A touch clearly passed down from my girl…)

It too was incredible seeing his reaction to the change in the pack-leader…. Jesse wasn’t there… it was Irvin who was in charge now… ((footnote – Enzo is lying next to me farting to the high heavens!!!!) -is this payback or something????

Sitting at the dam this afternoon I realised from these past few days that we have very little control over life… yet we throw out judgement endlessly in our chosen forms…

As humans we believe we are superior to all beings… Yet must realise and know that we are indeed apart of the food-chain – and will soon go to the earth as all others….

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The day my girl said goodbye: Farewell my dear Jesse…

If ever I thought that my heart would break and be totally destroyed… it would be the day that I would have had to say goodbye to my Jesse girl… my beanie…

Today was that horrid day that I had to face up to kissing her the final goodbye… and hell… it was truly the end of me….

On the 6 December that I so proudly introduced Jesse to the world. That young girl and old soul that had change my life forever… and a girl.. which I have subsequently realized, has touch the hearts of so many people as well….

What the hell am I doing here….

There are times that I just sit back and wonder… and think…. and wonder what the hell am I doing here…

When I look back on these past few years… it seems that everything has just become more intense. Living life has become more of a challenge, people have become more difficult… and slowly… it seems life has just become so bloody intense that it may not be worth trying anymore…

2010 had to be one of my most intense years… One thing I will have to admit up to is that July was filled with absolute jubilation with the FIFA World Cup and all the celebrations… At that time – it was the first and most realistic time that all South African’s were lifted off to a different planet of BEing… just to BE and bask in the awesomeness of oneness….

But the Soccer World Cup ended… the flags were taken down and everyone was to get about their normal lives once again…. Me included…

August hit me with a blast.

I was once again lost in my world of dreams of doing’s and being’s…. going to the same mundane job that paid the bills, battled at my photography and getting things out, my animal communications were failing dismally … and to top it off, I had to trench through the final weeks of a self-inflicted ‘self-development’ course which brought up more crap in my life than I would actually like to have contended with at  that stage…

There too was another failed relationship…

Of course…. my smiley face and jubilant personality still burst out to everyone… and I hid my misery… Sharing it only with my Jesse….

Then the fairy tale began when a man in shining armour stepped up to my desk one afternoon… with a request that I just couldn’t say no to…

Nah…. he wasn’t MY man in shining armour…. he was merely a client from a year ago who came back asking me to take care of his Golden Retriever… He and his family were due to immigrate to Australia in a few months and they couldn’t bare the thought of putting their boy through all the shit and quarantine restrictions and asked if I would take him on…. Here is were I met another family of friends…..

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So – My photography was a hit!!

It’s 13 days before Christmas… but, today we had to have our family Christmas lunch because sister-darling is jetting off to Cape Town for a few weeks of holiday… with that… this morning was Christmas shopping… and I had to finish it all in all of 4 hours!!!!!

Not the ideal for a Librian who needs WEEKS for this type of stuff!!! However, my partner Curt and I (BOTH Librian’s) made a HUGE success of getting it all done in the required time!!!

Here was the twist and a mark for Irvin Sammons as a photographer! I’m YET to print ANY of my photos!!!! Strange and weird as it may seem, but it’s a fact!

The printing was to start today!

When I got my 50mm prime lens about a month ago, I took a ton of pics of my sister’s children and decided that some of the pics would be the perfect gift for her Christmas gift….

Although I really had to narrow them down to all of two pics! One of Blade and one of Spyder…

Pic number one is of Blade.. and thank goodness for Curt helping me choose a more subtle pic of the boy!

And then there is the other child… Spyder…

With these two pics… I decided to blow them up to A2…. And that is friggin HUGE!!!!  The results… Well…. AWESOME!!!! Pin sharp focus, perfect colour and just all round.. two beautiful pics…… Aside from  these two… I decided to print some of my favourite pics from my Salt Rock holiday…. taking my prints to the most amazing photo lab in there world for printing… AGFA Greenstone… ..

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World… Meet Jesse….

The formal introductions of my children have to be first on this site as it is the two of them who are playing such a huge role in my life and who are going to frequent this site probably more than any other animal.

Jesse came to me just over 2 years after escaping  from her previous owner, running across a main road and straight into my office. Needless to say, it was indeed love at first sight, however, seeing how well trained she was I took it she came from a really good home. So for that weekend we set out making posters to put around and calling every vet and SPCA leaving out details.

Unfortunately – I found her “new” owners… They only had her for just under three months and I could from the start that just just wasn’t a happy girl at all…

Everyday for the next 30 days I’d be sure to call and see how she was going…. The first two weeks everything was great, but slowly I started to hear the irritating in the owner voice how she destroyed the garden, ripped up the pool creepy and cause general chaos…

Then, the week preceding the 21 March, our beautiful South African weather took a turn for the worse and the storms set in….

I remember going down to the courtyard in the middle of these storms with a picture of her and sit in the rain – connecting to her, feeling her anxiety and stress then sending her beams and beams of love and healing in the mere hope that it would give her just a little bit of comfort…

Thankfully a week later I got the much awaited call from the ‘then’ owners asking me to come fetch her as they weren’t coping…

Sadly, she came back to me nearly 30 days later completely filthy, weighing in at 18kg’s with skin problems, eye infections, ear infection and urinary infection…. I felt at that stage that she just wanted to die…..

Her recovery was quicker than anyone initially expected and she’s proven to be one of my greatest companions in life… The communication channel between us is always open and there is this stream of thoughts constantly flowing between us.

She has also become one of my greatest helpers when I communicate with animal… Always bringing  through her wisdom and clearing up just about any situation that I get stuck with…

Nearly a year down the line from adopting her – she gave me her experiences through a poem which now is a good time to share….

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