Rugby World Cup 2011 Fever!

Finally the 2011 Rugby World Cup has arrived. Time to kick back at the bars join in with the friends, laugh, socialize and be ONE as a nation!

This Rugby World Cup has started to bring all the exhilarating memories of the very unforgettable 2010 FIFA Soccer World cup which South Africa hosted. It was weeks of unforgettable camaraderie, celebrations and where nearly all South Africa proudly  raise up flag and shouted BAFANA BAFANA!

I get goose bumps just thinking of all South African’s piling in front of the TV”s at home, in pubs and restaurants and cheering on the Springboks.

So a big shout out to everyone who going to be watching the games. Don’t miss any of them! To keep up to date, Blackberry has released a SUPER application for the Rugby world cup which you can download here or search RWC 2011 in the App World…

Fly the flags high guys!

September 9, 2011   Post Under Everything together..

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