My journey with Reiki started over 7 years ago when I first started going for regular sessions. After seeing and feeling the effect it had on my physical being and in life  - I followed the route of training up as a Reiki Master to share those vibrations with everyone else.

Being an all time practical guy, I’m going to cut all the airy-fairy stuff about reiki, (you’ll find plenty elsewhere on the net), and give you three of the most important factor of Reiki

1. It a high vibrational energy that works –   and it works on everything – your body, your mind, animals and plants.

2. It’s subtle and gentle but after a few sessions you’ll start feeling the heat it generates around your body and skin. However, even if you don’t feel anything, it’ll still work it’s magic.

3. No matter your religion, race or creed – it’s still going to work.

Myself and partner, Amber Blanchard run our Reiki practice from Glenvista, South Africa and also hold group Reiki sessions at the stables on Shearwood farm.

November 17, 2010   Post Under

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