World… Meet Jesse….

The formal introductions of my children have to be first on this site as it is the two of them who are playing such a huge role in my life and who are going to frequent this site probably more than any other animal.

Jesse came to me just over 2 years after escaping  from her previous owner, running across a main road and straight into my office. Needless to say, it was indeed love at first sight, however, seeing how well trained she was I took it she came from a really good home. So for that weekend we set out making posters to put around and calling every vet and SPCA leaving out details.

Unfortunately – I found her “new” owners… They only had her for just under three months and I could from the start that just just wasn’t a happy girl at all…

Everyday for the next 30 days I’d be sure to call and see how she was going…. The first two weeks everything was great, but slowly I started to hear the irritating in the owner voice how she destroyed the garden, ripped up the pool creepy and cause general chaos…

Then, the week preceding the 21 March, our beautiful South African weather took a turn for the worse and the storms set in….

I remember going down to the courtyard in the middle of these storms with a picture of her and sit in the rain – connecting to her, feeling her anxiety and stress then sending her beams and beams of love and healing in the mere hope that it would give her just a little bit of comfort…

Thankfully a week later I got the much awaited call from the ‘then’ owners asking me to come fetch her as they weren’t coping…

Sadly, she came back to me nearly 30 days later completely filthy, weighing in at 18kg’s with skin problems, eye infections, ear infection and urinary infection…. I felt at that stage that she just wanted to die…..

Her recovery was quicker than anyone initially expected and she’s proven to be one of my greatest companions in life… The communication channel between us is always open and there is this stream of thoughts constantly flowing between us.

She has also become one of my greatest helpers when I communicate with animal… Always bringing  through her wisdom and clearing up just about any situation that I get stuck with…

Nearly a year down the line from adopting her – she gave me her experiences through a poem which now is a good time to share….

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The time is NOW….

Up to now.. I feel that I’ve missed so many opportunities to make my first post… but tonight, it just feels right…..

Today started with a frantic race of getting my washing done, cleaning up my car, doing some shopping for the R50 prezzie’s for tonight’s function, getting to the birthday party and then…. Slunch!

Let me start with my usual anxiety and anticipation of going to a “do” – not knowing anyone – then being able to hit up the socialite in me and FIT it…..

Alas, without breakfast – I passed by the Wimpy and put down a burger knowing that the next thing to touch my lips would be wine….

So I arrived at Johan’s birthday and realised  that I’m the the only English boy in town.. (Here I go again)  No problem… I did Afrikaan’s in school and everything from there would just be a breeze…. Well.. it wasn’t… Half the conversation’s just blew straight over my head, but at the end, I managed to keep up to date with all the lingo and ‘fit’ right in… (Important note here which I’ll explore in a later post!)

Moving on  - lunch was just amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better spit than what Johan and Jan splashed out for everyone… Two of my most dearest friends who are always at the top of entertaining and bringing folk together….

Then the next party started…. although it was ending – for me it was still starting…

There was one thing that touched me when I walked in with my partner – everyone had a glow in their eyes… (and no – I’m not talking about the alcohol!)  There was a happiness that came from everyone and an underlying love… True friends, and new friends may never be forgot… They are presented so frequently and easily that you just have to grab on to them and ride a journey with them – no matter which way they take you….

So these are the Slunch guys…. Thanks for ending off my evening with such a blast…. A special thanks to Jodene and Greg for bringing me in.

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