Animal Communication : Article in the Animal Anti Cruelty League newsletter

Just over a month ago I was very fortunate to have been contacted by the Animal Anti Cruelty League in Johannesburg to write an article on Animal Communication for their newsletter…

The AACL is South Africa’s second largest independent animal welfare organisation which provides for the care of abandoned animals. They rely solely on donations from the public for the continued running of the organisation.

Here’s a nice little link which will enable you to make a  Donation to the AACL.

The newsletter has just come hot off the press and I thought I’d share the article online with everyone.


I have often wondered about the ability of the chosen few who are able to communicate with nature and animals, through whispering.  Is this an inherent quality; are they born that way and how exactly do these ‘whisperers’ carry out their communications?  Do they softly whisper pssst …   pssst into the ear of the animal concerned as they gently waft by, and if so, how would this be achieved where the animal had the height and bulk of, for example, an elephant or giraffe?  Or, do they stand two feet away, swinging a pendulum back and forth, and chant ‘go to sleep my lovely; all is well in your world’.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking this whispering talent in the least.  As a matter of fact I have tried it at home on my cat.  After propping my decidedly overweight Siegfried up against a pillow on my bed, and gazing intently into his tawny eyes, I silently willed him to say something, anything at all, that he felt he needed to share with me.  Well one minute later and with the scorn and contempt I obviously deserved, he yawned widely, turned his back on me and went back to sleep.

Still, not to be defeated after a first attempt, I descended on the family dog, who had just returned from burying his bone in a bed of marigolds.  To start with he looked pretty interested, granting me the occasional pant and lopsided grin. Kneeling in front of him, I gingerly whispered “Okay Mountbatten, sit still, focus and give me something.  Think of beef cubes, biltong and chicken”, I continued. “Now which do you prefer?”   Just a minute: Was that slight arch of a furry eyebrow a sign that I was getting through to him?  Whoa, hold on, he’s also narrowing his eyes and oh my goodness would you look at that, the fur has suddenly raised on his back.  Pity I never saw the next thing coming, which can probably be explained by the fact that I had suddenly been flattened underfoot by one Great Dane, who had taken off across the lounge like a rocket ship.   “Mountbatten, come back here at once and quit chasing after Siegfried”.   Editor

We invited Irvin Sammons, an Animal Communicator, to tell us a bit more on the subject and he kindly sent us this short article :


By Irvin Sammons

To have the knowledge and the ability to communicate with animals is a ‘mind-blowing’ experience, which can escalate your consciousness into new and exciting dimensions !  A fact which many people find hard to believe, is that everyone is capable of communicating with animals.  We all have the gift of intuition which forms the basis of animal whispering, whether we believe it or not.  It merely takes good training and a lot of practice to become a proficient animal communicator.

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Photoshoot 101 – Matric Dance

Right, well it’s been ages since I last posted… tons of amazing things have happened this year and there has been incredible progress with me personally as well as with the business… I’m soon launch a few new sites which will concentrate specifically on mine and Amber’s holistic therapies and then too to add some touch ups to this site. I will also start posting about my experiences in my photo shoots with bits and tips, challenges and successes…

And well, to it hit it off – here’s one of my recent shoots of Michelle and Samantha’s matric dance…

I was greeted on the saturday by the most amazing family who have an incredible small holding, coupled with exotic cars, horses and fields as far as the eye could see…

Unfortunately, I was plagued with torrential rains which killed nearly all of my ideals of fields shots, pics with the horses and cars…  This is where a photographer really needs to find their wits about them and say – “NO PROBLEM – I have it under control”. I found mine after a quick call to a friend….  Needless to say… we jumped in between the rain, held out the umbrellas, sloshed over the grass and mud and worked around VERY bad lighting!!!!  All in all – a successful photoshoot…

I have to say, shooting in cloud cover is still my best and is just the easiest to get perfect skin tones… Oh and well – these two ladies were just the best to work with and remarkably beautiful!!!

Take a look below:

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My plea to the SPCA, rescue centres and YOU!

The Irwin’s Animal Rescue Centre in Walkerville Fruit  Farms has been running for just over 27 years.  The owner Anne Cronje, has been doing the most remarkable job, however, with the ill fate of not having implemented a good re-homing policy things have perhaps got a little out of her control with nearly 1500 dogs.

I know through my own experience that it’s task all by itself to keep just my few pets in tip-top shape and I couldn’t fathom the task of taking on over 1500 animals!

Unfortunately, I do believe the task of care, and the fine line of the ‘no kill policy” has been stretched beyond normal and acceptable limits…

The SPCA stepped in last week where Anne signed over 400 animals. A good few of which were apparently in shocking condition, but not all 400 I’m sure!!!

My quest is this now… To find someone in the top-position of the SPCA to allow the re-homing of all the dogs confiscated from Irwin’s… Then to bring ALL the other rescue centres together and open as many doors as possible where they can be taken in…

If anyone has those connections… PLEASE email me… This is my DRIVE of people becoming ACTIVISTS!!!!!!

Tonight I also sent an email to Leigh-Anne  Mol from 5FM, an avid animal-activist in a great plea to assist where ever she can in avoiding the unfortunate euthanasia of many animals!

Hi Leigh-Ann
I come to you with great haste.
Anne Cronje has been running a rescue centre for dogs out in the Walkerville Fruit Farms for many years. Seemingly  her love for animals and lack of sensibility of implementing a homing policy has got the better of her.
The last time I did work in her centre she had over 1200 dogs and I’m quite sure that 2 yrs later she’s exceeding well over the 1500 mark…
On the 23 March, the SPCA had pulled out over 400 dogs. Perhaps a day or two ago, I got wind that Anne asked for them to be euthanased.
I heard of this through the Husky Resue – SA group on facebook who are naturally horrified and are only too keen to take on any of the husky’s and then to rehome from there on….’
I can assure you that there are there are rescue centres in Johannesburg that I’m able to round up and take on the load….
I beg of you to please pull whatever weight you may be capable of to sway the SPCA into re-locating some of the animals to suitable rescue centres.
Regard and with much heed…
Irvin Sammons
Do what you need to do now guys….
There’s those puppy eyes, warm hearts and loving souls waiting………..  for a needle….
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Am I worthy????

There is this little man that came into my life last September….

The bubbliest little monster I could have ever asked for… He’s been mentioned in previous posts of my late Jesse… And a very few close friends have met him.

He became Jesse’s best friend in a matter of minutes… Met up to Pets As Therapy as their AGM face… and following the crossing over of Jesse, has stepped into the biggest of shoes and has stood firmly on his ground….

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Be humble….

Those were the two words my god-father said to me repeatedly tonight…. and they’re sinking in…

It all started with me having to park my Merc for night and day and take the little NP200 for it’s window tinting and radio fitment… It carried on to me sitting in nearly 90 minutes of traffic at 5:45am!!!!!! – NOT IMPRESSED! This was first sign where I started to miss the automatic, then there was the lack of sound… and no air-con… oh gosh, and the smell of leather was missing too!!! (Yes, call me a pretentious little prat)

The day happened, the rain came and the evening arose….

Got back to the house safe enough – still missing the leather, aircon, the auto and cruise control and we all went off for a quick pizza….

On the road back…. I had to emphasize how I loved my car… (Dad said, “Be humble”)… I went back to saying how I missed the control and comfort, (Dad said, “Just be humble”)  and his words sunk in deep enough for me think about that all the way home and to get online and write about it…..

These past weeks haven’t been the easiest for me…. Although I have pretty much accepted the passing of Jesse, I still think about her every day and night and shed the odd tear when no one is looking…

“Be humble” has sped me on to realising how my I do take for granted in my life… to take the step back and look at every moment I’m living, every breath I’m taking and just be humble, and give thanks… Before I complain and moan, look at my immediate situation and just… “BE HUMBLE”….

It’s a serious change of perception, but an inviting one all the same….

As I’m sure all you have noticed, there’s a picture at the top of all my posts… and they’re all relevant to how I’m feeling… The one above of Jesse and I just spoke out to me tonight with the words:

Smile from ear to ear…… Love unconditionally … and be Humble…

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2011 is taking shape

No joke on this one… 2011 started off rather crappy for me….

Amidst losing my girl…. work was crap… tensions were high… Enzo has been depressed and the rest of  my life has been a HUGE question mark….

Re-adjust Irvin…. and FAST!

I’m glad that I had Enzo with me… and he has been begging for attention in any form….

This was the week that all the changes happened….

1. Enzo’s training was confirmed… and he isn’t starting off in puppy class.. he is going straight to beginner’s (which is a step above puppy)

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The control….

So 2010 happened… and 2011 is here now…

Strange how we don’t have any control over the days… the weeks … months and years… and too have control over life…

I have said cherio to my Jesse, understanding it was her time to leave and will be facing 2011 without her…  this which I didn’t have control over either…..

Today was day 3 without her…. yes  - I’m carrying on about my girl…(hell it’s still wrenching my heart guys – so I’m allow to…) but I never thought my Enzo would step up to standards and so quickly as well… I took my little boy out to the dam this afternoon – he was so well behaved…. subdued and very ‘pa-vas’….. but a knight in shining armour, greeting everyone and touching souls…. (A touch clearly passed down from my girl…)

It too was incredible seeing his reaction to the change in the pack-leader…. Jesse wasn’t there… it was Irvin who was in charge now… ((footnote – Enzo is lying next to me farting to the high heavens!!!!) -is this payback or something????

Sitting at the dam this afternoon I realised from these past few days that we have very little control over life… yet we throw out judgement endlessly in our chosen forms…

As humans we believe we are superior to all beings… Yet must realise and know that we are indeed apart of the food-chain – and will soon go to the earth as all others….

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The day my girl said goodbye: Farewell my dear Jesse…

If ever I thought that my heart would break and be totally destroyed… it would be the day that I would have had to say goodbye to my Jesse girl… my beanie…

Today was that horrid day that I had to face up to kissing her the final goodbye… and hell… it was truly the end of me….

On the 6 December that I so proudly introduced Jesse to the world. That young girl and old soul that had change my life forever… and a girl.. which I have subsequently realized, has touch the hearts of so many people as well….

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What the hell am I doing here….

There are times that I just sit back and wonder… and think…. and wonder what the hell am I doing here…

When I look back on these past few years… it seems that everything has just become more intense. Living life has become more of a challenge, people have become more difficult… and slowly… it seems life has just become so bloody intense that it may not be worth trying anymore…

2010 had to be one of my most intense years… One thing I will have to admit up to is that July was filled with absolute jubilation with the FIFA World Cup and all the celebrations… At that time – it was the first and most realistic time that all South African’s were lifted off to a different planet of BEing… just to BE and bask in the awesomeness of oneness….

But the Soccer World Cup ended… the flags were taken down and everyone was to get about their normal lives once again…. Me included…

August hit me with a blast.

I was once again lost in my world of dreams of doing’s and being’s…. going to the same mundane job that paid the bills, battled at my photography and getting things out, my animal communications were failing dismally … and to top it off, I had to trench through the final weeks of a self-inflicted ‘self-development’ course which brought up more crap in my life than I would actually like to have contended with at  that stage…

There too was another failed relationship…

Of course…. my smiley face and jubilant personality still burst out to everyone… and I hid my misery… Sharing it only with my Jesse….

Then the fairy tale began when a man in shining armour stepped up to my desk one afternoon… with a request that I just couldn’t say no to…

Nah…. he wasn’t MY man in shining armour…. he was merely a client from a year ago who came back asking me to take care of his Golden Retriever… He and his family were due to immigrate to Australia in a few months and they couldn’t bare the thought of putting their boy through all the shit and quarantine restrictions and asked if I would take him on…. Here is were I met another family of friends…..

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So – My photography was a hit!!

It’s 13 days before Christmas… but, today we had to have our family Christmas lunch because sister-darling is jetting off to Cape Town for a few weeks of holiday… with that… this morning was Christmas shopping… and I had to finish it all in all of 4 hours!!!!!

Not the ideal for a Librian who needs WEEKS for this type of stuff!!! However, my partner Curt and I (BOTH Librian’s) made a HUGE success of getting it all done in the required time!!!

Here was the twist and a mark for Irvin Sammons as a photographer! I’m YET to print ANY of my photos!!!! Strange and weird as it may seem, but it’s a fact!

The printing was to start today!

When I got my 50mm prime lens about a month ago, I took a ton of pics of my sister’s children and decided that some of the pics would be the perfect gift for her Christmas gift….

Although I really had to narrow them down to all of two pics! One of Blade and one of Spyder…

Pic number one is of Blade.. and thank goodness for Curt helping me choose a more subtle pic of the boy!

And then there is the other child… Spyder…

With these two pics… I decided to blow them up to A2…. And that is friggin HUGE!!!!  The results… Well…. AWESOME!!!! Pin sharp focus, perfect colour and just all round.. two beautiful pics…… Aside from  these two… I decided to print some of my favourite pics from my Salt Rock holiday…. taking my prints to the most amazing photo lab in there world for printing… AGFA Greenstone… ..

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