My plea to the SPCA, rescue centres and YOU!

The Irwin’s Animal Rescue Centre in Walkerville Fruit  Farms has been running for just over 27 years.  The owner Anne Cronje, has been doing the most remarkable job, however, with the ill fate of not having implemented a good re-homing policy things have perhaps got a little out of her control with nearly 1500 dogs.

I know through my own experience that it’s task all by itself to keep just my few pets in tip-top shape and I couldn’t fathom the task of taking on over 1500 animals!

Unfortunately, I do believe the task of care, and the fine line of the ‘no kill policy” has been stretched beyond normal and acceptable limits…

The SPCA stepped in last week where Anne signed over 400 animals. A good few of which were apparently in shocking condition, but not all 400 I’m sure!!!

My quest is this now… To find someone in the top-position of the SPCA to allow the re-homing of all the dogs confiscated from Irwin’s… Then to bring ALL the other rescue centres together and open as many doors as possible where they can be taken in…

If anyone has those connections… PLEASE email me… This is my DRIVE of people becoming ACTIVISTS!!!!!!

Tonight I also sent an email to Leigh-Anne  Mol from 5FM, an avid animal-activist in a great plea to assist where ever she can in avoiding the unfortunate euthanasia of many animals!

Hi Leigh-Ann
I come to you with great haste.
Anne Cronje has been running a rescue centre for dogs out in the Walkerville Fruit Farms for many years. Seemingly  her love for animals and lack of sensibility of implementing a homing policy has got the better of her.
The last time I did work in her centre she had over 1200 dogs and I’m quite sure that 2 yrs later she’s exceeding well over the 1500 mark…
On the 23 March, the SPCA had pulled out over 400 dogs. Perhaps a day or two ago, I got wind that Anne asked for them to be euthanased.
I heard of this through the Husky Resue – SA group on facebook who are naturally horrified and are only too keen to take on any of the husky’s and then to rehome from there on….’
I can assure you that there are there are rescue centres in Johannesburg that I’m able to round up and take on the load….
I beg of you to please pull whatever weight you may be capable of to sway the SPCA into re-locating some of the animals to suitable rescue centres.
Regard and with much heed…
Irvin Sammons
Do what you need to do now guys….
There’s those puppy eyes, warm hearts and loving souls waiting………..  for a needle….

April 6, 2011   Post Under Everything together..

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