IT’S HEEERREEEE!!!!! What an amazing day this is!


So my birthday actually started off last night with four friends coming over for snacks and a lot of wine! I got this wine aerating decanter system from B&D, so we it had to be used to aerate all 4 bottles of red wine… hehe.. LOVE IT! It’s my new little party trick when people come over!  My cousin of course decided to grab the funnel and shove it in his mouth and suck the wine out… Hmmm… Greg – not the way to do it buddy! hehe..

Anyway, this morning I woke up good and fresh and content that I’ve finally made it to my thirties! Again – over looking the past amazing years and being EVER so grateful for everything and everyone and overly excited for the years to come!!

THEN the presents started! Getting spoilt by the Doc with the most stunning lamp that I’ve been looking for for months – well he’s got the perfect one! Then went for breakfast with friends that I haven’t seen in MONTHS at Full Stop Cafe, now, we back at home and the Doc has got the turn tables out and is playing up a storm for me while I’m blogging…  So it’s now DJ NICEDEVICE as he prefers to be called! He he he… I got in a sneaky shot of him!

My big thanks to Johan and Jan from Pictura Select for the FABULOUS photo of me at the top… I thought I may as well show what a nutter I am. I used that on the design on the my 30th invite – it worked out perfect and people loved it! That’s me – full of life, full of fun and always ready to give people a laugh!

So i’m half way through the day, all the facebook messages, BBM’s, sms’s and calls have been SO overwhelming! Thank you EVERYONE for thinking of me and wishing me today. The messages have been so touching and incredible!

I’m really getting excited for the weeks and months ahead! Soon to come is going to be the BIG launch of Irvin Sammons Photography… and the timing couldn’t be more perfect!!!!

Thanks again to everyone for making this day so so special! Love you all!!!

October 2, 2011   Post Under Everything together..

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