Gym Routine: Week 1 Day 4

I’ve come to realise that blogging each day isn’t the easiest and requires a huge amount of dedication. Last week started off well, but then things just went a little topsy turvy… SO, let me attempt to improve on that this coming week.

First up let me catch up on last weeks Day 4 of training…

My legs and hips were still killing me by Thursday, fortunately my chest and back were well on the mend from monday’s workout.

Here’s the completed workout…

This was the final day of figuring out which weights I can handle for 10 sets. From week two I intend pushing slightly heavier so that around set nine and set 10 I will have to train to complete failure, if not calling on my gym partner for the last bit of help.

Triceps and shoulders have always been my strongest muscle groups and it’s them which I’ve always enjoyed training (legs coming in stone last position of course!) So it was interesting to see how I would handle all ten sets. I didn’t do too bad either – I never dropped less than 10 reps throughout all four exercises. The bent over dumbell lateral raises did pose a bit of problem when I initially started. My form was completely off so I dropped down to 8kg dumbells and did two sets until I was happy that my stomach was completely flat on my thighs and I was lifting my arms to the correct height. (parallel to my ears) – after that, back up to the 10kg dumbell!

There’s a great video on Youtube made by Instructional Fitness which gives a good indication on how it’s done.

This just concluded the end of week 1 and I’m pretty set with all the weights which I need to work with in the coming week. Thankfully the next three day were rest days…

September 5, 2011   Post Under Gym

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