Gym Routine: Week 1 Day 3 Essential Rest day!!

This new training program that I started is one seriously strenuous routine. By no means is it easy.

Since I started high intensity training at the beginning of the year, the build up and size counts have been great, but it also came with a great amount rest! Slowly but surely, as my body was getting use to the heavy training, my rest periods were becoming shorter and shorter. Soon enough I was training every day without getting sore…

Here on day three with the german volume training…. Oh hell… Absolute pain beyond belief…

I’ve discover muscles  in my back that I never though existed -probably all due to the close 100 chin ups! My stomach, thighs, hips and calves are still burning and there doesn’t seem to be much light on the recover side with them any time soon….

However I have been very wise in including the correct nutrition intake plus including additional supplements three times a day (the protein shakes and l’glutamine) which I’m quite sure is exactly what my poor muscles are looking for!

Last week I read about the whole ‘idea’ or thoughts around 10 by 10 training. First, is that it hit’s your muscles HARD as it exposes the muscles to a high volume of repeated efforts. The body adapts pretty quickly in these cases by hypertrophying these specific muscles and their relevant fibers…  The result – engorges muscles and quick gains!

The other side is that this program hits your cardiovascular system like nothing I’ve experience with weight training. An all round perfect workout!

So it’s been one day of rest and then in to day 4′s training with arms and shoulders and then another three day rest. That should certainly be enough time for my poor muscles to recover and hopefully I’ll be able to walk a little better with limping!

September 1, 2011   Post Under Gym

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