Gym Routine : Week 1 Day 2

If there’s a body part that I avoid training at all costs – it’s legs…. My legs have always been skinny and when I do / have trained them, I’ve never really noticed much of a change – so they took the last spot in the priority list…

Alas, my schedule said I had to do legs – and that’s precisely what happened… (Not that I didn’t stop bitching from the moment I walked in to the gym RIGHT until the end).

So this is what it looked like today…

Considering I haven’t trained legs in (um) months – I started off very lightly on the squats – for fear of popping my knee caps out, but half way through I realised that 10kg’s more would be a better push…

The same thing happened with leg curls.

I’m pretty much dedicating the first week to testing out which weights I can handle and which will be the better push in the weeks to come. Especially with legs which I haven’t training in such a long time and hence not being able to calculate my 1 rep maximum.

Now the ab exercises is what really got me going! It’s the low-cable pull ins. You link up a weight belt to the low cable on a pulley machine, stretch out quite a bit so that your knees are straight, and put your feet in the belt. Lift your knees up towards your chest, after setting an appropriate resistance on the pulley and go forward with 10 reps for 10 sets… 

I was also really glad that my training partner joined in as well although he had to catch up with Day 1′s exercises.

Thankfully tomorrow is an off day. Which I really really need. My chest and back are still aching from yesterday’s routine.

August 30, 2011   Post Under Gym

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