Gym Routine – W2D1

Starting off with week two of training after a good three days of rest has been the most wise thing I could have done. I quite like the idea that I’m training 3 days a week, with 4 days off… With the intensity of this program – you need it! Trust me!

So week two started with a better understanding of which weights I needed to throw around and what the correct intensity (or tempo for a better word) I had to train at.

I braved it out and went 2kg’s heavier for the dumbell press to 14kg’s and surprisingly managed to maintain the full reps for all 10 sets.
Once again – the chin ups got the better of me so it was back to the assisted chin up machine. I’ll bear it up for the next few weeks, slowly but surely the strength in my back will increase.

One important factor that I really have to mention is the importance of eating before you train! Today, I didn’t eat, even a simple yoghurt and banana is sufficient, and half way through I was getting more and more light headed with the occasional bouts of nausea! Not a nice feeling at all… Also, I had taken my creatine and phedra-cut tablets.. Not a great combination!

SO here’s day 1′s workout…

Gym Schedule w2d1

Surprisingly, I’m not feeling as sore as I was feeling after last week’s day 1. I sure as hell hope my body isn’t adapting SO quickly to this routine! I still have another 6 weeks to go!

P.S. Note the clipboard… Ha ha ha!

September 7, 2011   Post Under Everything together..

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