Gym Routine – German Volume Training… Week 1 – Day 1

I’ve been hitting the gym for a good 6 months now and the gains that I have achieved through doing high-intensity training have been incredible.

However, for the past month I haven’t notice much gain in muscle size – time to admit that my body was bored and I’ve hit a plateau.

So with a bit of research I decided to try out the Vince Gironda method (also know s as the German Volume training) for the next 6 weeks.

In short (and in pain I might add) you have to do 10 sets per exercise with 10 repetitions of the same weight. The important bit is that you are only allowed a maximum of 90 seconds between sets. The short rest intervals stress the cardiovascular system to the point where calories are burned, hormones ruffled up and fat makes a very fast exit….

So I started this rather intense workout today with training two exercises for chest and two exercises for back.  It’s obvious that I had to use much lighter weights as to what I’m used to using while training high intensity. I got the training program from but modified somewhat…

Here’s the completed workout from this morning:

The dumbbell press was an absolute breeze. I was definitely being over cautious with the weight. Perhaps a little too over caustious. Technically one should be able to do 60% of one’s usual 1 rep maximum (1RM). There’s a handy little calculator here which works everything out for you if you know the weight and reps your do in a normal exercise. So… According to that – I should have been throwing around 20kg weight – I don’t think so…..

Next week I’ll increase it to around14kg’s or 16kg’s.

The worst had to be the chin ups. The first two sets were probably the only ones that really counted. I had to swallow my pride and move to the assisted chin up machine to complete the rest of the sets…

All in all. It was the biggest shock to my system I’ve ever had to endure. I think I shook for about 3 hours after the workout. Although now I’m feeling incredibly positive (and a lot less shaky ). Tomorrow it’s legs and abs… *grin*

August 29, 2011   Post Under Gym

4 Responses to “Gym Routine – German Volume Training… Week 1 – Day 1”

  1. I agree… But as they say, no pain no gain!

  2. Duncan says:

    Damn! Change in routine??? This is like a whole new world pain and masachism.
    Nice program buddy, I am sure we'll be seeing the results not to far down the line.

  3. Adriaan Basson says:

    That will defenitely give your body a wake-up! It's good to change the routine from time-to-time to break through that plateu. Be sure to eat enough to sustain muscle growth. And remember to rest.

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