The day my girl said goodbye: Farewell my dear Jesse…

If ever I thought that my heart would break and be totally destroyed… it would be the day that I would have had to say goodbye to my Jesse girl… my beanie…

Today was that horrid day that I had to face up to kissing her the final goodbye… and hell… it was truly the end of me….

On the 6 December that I so proudly introduced Jesse to the world. That young girl and old soul that had change my life forever… and a girl.. which I have subsequently realized, has touch the hearts of so many people as well….

She was a child which marked her place on my office desk that got all my client asking after her…. Her smile just caught everyone’s attention….

She was the girl that introduced me to animal assisted therapy and subsequently becoming apart of the Pets As Therapy team….. and then leading the fundraiser to heights which have never been seen in Gauteng…..

My little girl was the peak of the fundraiser….

... even looking after the drinks....

And that was a year ago…..

Things had subsequently progressed…. And short of 5 months back… Jesse said to me that she wasn’t going until she had someone to hand over to….

Alas… Enzo arrived….

No… it’s not his fault…. those two knew what was happening from the first day they met…..

And hell.. Did my Jesse girl have a flipping blast with Enzo…

But her time came when she had chosen to leave…

She warned me on Monday but I brushed her off….. I cuddled her…. Knowing she would be with me forever…..

Bless you my Baby Girl…….. you will forever be with me…….


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