Be humble….

Those were the two words my god-father said to me repeatedly tonight…. and they’re sinking in…

It all started with me having to park my Merc for night and day and take the little NP200 for it’s window tinting and radio fitment… It carried on to me sitting in nearly 90 minutes of traffic at 5:45am!!!!!! – NOT IMPRESSED! This was first sign where I started to miss the automatic, then there was the lack of sound… and no air-con… oh gosh, and the smell of leather was missing too!!! (Yes, call me a pretentious little prat)

The day happened, the rain came and the evening arose….

Got back to the house safe enough – still missing the leather, aircon, the auto and cruise control and we all went off for a quick pizza….

On the road back…. I had to emphasize how I loved my car… (Dad said, “Be humble”)… I went back to saying how I missed the control and comfort, (Dad said, “Just be humble”)  and his words sunk in deep enough for me think about that all the way home and to get online and write about it…..

These past weeks haven’t been the easiest for me…. Although I have pretty much accepted the passing of Jesse, I still think about her every day and night and shed the odd tear when no one is looking…

“Be humble” has sped me on to realising how my I do take for granted in my life… to take the step back and look at every moment I’m living, every breath I’m taking and just be humble, and give thanks… Before I complain and moan, look at my immediate situation and just… “BE HUMBLE”….

It’s a serious change of perception, but an inviting one all the same….

As I’m sure all you have noticed, there’s a picture at the top of all my posts… and they’re all relevant to how I’m feeling… The one above of Jesse and I just spoke out to me tonight with the words:

Smile from ear to ear…… Love unconditionally … and be Humble…

January 17, 2011   Post Under Things Irvin Says

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