2011 is taking shape

No joke on this one… 2011 started off rather crappy for me….

Amidst losing my girl…. work was crap… tensions were high… Enzo has been depressed and the rest of  my life has been a HUGE question mark….

Re-adjust Irvin…. and FAST!

I’m glad that I had Enzo with me… and he has been begging for attention in any form….

This was the week that all the changes happened….

1. Enzo’s training was confirmed… and he isn’t starting off in puppy class.. he is going straight to beginner’s (which is a step above puppy)

2. I had decided that in 2011, the ‘spoil me’ factor will be to learn piano and violin… after searching endlessly for a piano teacher, a primary school friend of mine recommended his gran  -  I chatted to her today… And I’m booked for my first lesson next Friday…

3.  Madame Zingara is booked… It’s my first time there… and I intend to go all out in the dress up!!!

4. U2 is coming to South Africa…. and YIP… booked again…

5. May is coming with the Roxette concert…. and YIP… I’m booked once again…..

This year is the year of growth, of happenings and of being Irvin….

Betta keep up… it’s going to be the wildest roller coaster ride ever!!!!

January 8, 2011   Post Under Things Irvin Says

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