My poor blog has been neglected!

It seems that since I turned 30, there went my blogging! So now I’ve just activated my blog on my phone… this one is just a quick post to check it works!!! More to come today!!!

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IT’S HEEERREEEE!!!!! What an amazing day this is!


So my birthday actually started off last night with four friends coming over for snacks and a lot of wine! I got this wine aerating decanter system from B&D, so we it had to be used to aerate all 4 bottles of red wine… hehe.. LOVE IT! It’s my new little party trick when people come over!  My cousin of course decided to grab the funnel and shove it in his mouth and suck the wine out… Hmmm… Greg – not the way to do it buddy! hehe..

Anyway, this morning I woke up good and fresh and content that I’ve finally made it to my thirties! Again – over looking the past amazing years and being EVER so grateful for everything and everyone and overly excited for the years to come!!

THEN the presents started! Getting spoilt by the Doc with the most stunning lamp that I’ve been looking for for months – well he’s got the perfect one! Then went for breakfast with friends that I haven’t seen in MONTHS at Full Stop Cafe, now, we back at home and the Doc has got the turn tables out and is playing up a storm for me while I’m blogging…  So it’s now DJ NICEDEVICE as he prefers to be called! He he he… I got in a sneaky shot of him!

My big thanks to Johan and Jan from Pictura Select for the FABULOUS photo of me at the top… I thought I may as well show what a nutter I am. I used that on the design on the my 30th invite – it worked out perfect and people loved it! That’s me – full of life, full of fun and always ready to give people a laugh!

So i’m half way through the day, all the facebook messages, BBM’s, sms’s and calls have been SO overwhelming! Thank you EVERYONE for thinking of me and wishing me today. The messages have been so touching and incredible!

I’m really getting excited for the weeks and months ahead! Soon to come is going to be the BIG launch of Irvin Sammons Photography… and the timing couldn’t be more perfect!!!!

Thanks again to everyone for making this day so so special! Love you all!!!

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Some quiet time before the BIG 30!

Irvin Sammons

Irvin with Enzo

The last day of 29! Damn! Am I getting old?? Should I be in absolute fear of turning 30. Cry? Be depressed?? Ummmmmm NAH!

I’ve always welcomed my birthdays and every year has just been getting better and better. When I look back over the past 5 years or so I can only smile at the amazing development I’ve seen in myself. All the challenges that I’ve passed through and all the amazing people that have come into my life. There’s been great sadness and many tears when I’ve had to say goodbye to many many close family and friends. Probably the greatest I loss I endured was saying goodbye to my dear Jesse.

There’s been the change of jobs and working on my own business… Bringing my passions and hearts desires into being through my work with animals, my work with people through reiki and coaching, my photography and piano…

I’m having a little bit of quite time now that the Doc went off to the lab to do some work, and I’m sitting outside counting up all the things I’ve seen, done, experienced, people I’ve met, people I’ve let go of, but most importantly, the man that I’ve become… The gratitude that I’m experiencing now is REALLY overwhelming!

Tomorrow is the big day for me and I’m going to be sure to live it up! Tonight we’re having people over as a prelude dinner for my 30th, tomorrow is breakfast with friends who I have not seen in ages, then we’re dashing off for lunch with other friends, and finally a very fancy schmancy dinner in Sandton with the family! Then of course the BIG party next week friday!

Well, to The Twenties – I humbly say thank you! You have set the most amazing foundation for my life to come… As they say, life begins at 30… and hell am I only going to take advantage of that and everyday there after!

A special shout-out and thanks to all my wonder friends for being with me and making every day SO worthwhile… my exceptional online community of friends! My amazing family who have stuck by me and supported me in everything that I’ve done… My sister – you’re just amazing and God only knows what I’d do without you, and my special man (THE DOC) for letting me feel true love, standing by side and making me laugh like never before!

I love you all!!!! Time to party it up now!!!

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Rugby World Cup 2011 Fever!

Finally the 2011 Rugby World Cup has arrived. Time to kick back at the bars join in with the friends, laugh, socialize and be ONE as a nation!

This Rugby World Cup has started to bring all the exhilarating memories of the very unforgettable 2010 FIFA Soccer World cup which South Africa hosted. It was weeks of unforgettable camaraderie, celebrations and where nearly all South Africa proudly  raise up flag and shouted BAFANA BAFANA!

I get goose bumps just thinking of all South African’s piling in front of the TV”s at home, in pubs and restaurants and cheering on the Springboks.

So a big shout out to everyone who going to be watching the games. Don’t miss any of them! To keep up to date, Blackberry has released a SUPER application for the Rugby world cup which you can download here or search RWC 2011 in the App World…

Fly the flags high guys!

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Gym Routine – W2D1

Starting off with week two of training after a good three days of rest has been the most wise thing I could have done. I quite like the idea that I’m training 3 days a week, with 4 days off… With the intensity of this program – you need it! Trust me!

So week two started with a better understanding of which weights I needed to throw around and what the correct intensity (or tempo for a better word) I had to train at.

I braved it out and went 2kg’s heavier for the dumbell press to 14kg’s and surprisingly managed to maintain the full reps for all 10 sets.
Once again – the chin ups got the better of me so it was back to the assisted chin up machine. I’ll bear it up for the next few weeks, slowly but surely the strength in my back will increase.

One important factor that I really have to mention is the importance of eating before you train! Today, I didn’t eat, even a simple yoghurt and banana is sufficient, and half way through I was getting more and more light headed with the occasional bouts of nausea! Not a nice feeling at all… Also, I had taken my creatine and phedra-cut tablets.. Not a great combination!

SO here’s day 1′s workout…

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Gym Routine: Week 1 Day 4

I’ve come to realise that blogging each day isn’t the easiest and requires a huge amount of dedication. Last week started off well, but then things just went a little topsy turvy… SO, let me attempt to improve on that this coming week.

First up let me catch up on last weeks Day 4 of training…

My legs and hips were still killing me by Thursday, fortunately my chest and back were well on the mend from monday’s workout.

Here’s the completed workout…

This was the final day of figuring out which weights I can handle for 10 sets. From week two I intend pushing slightly heavier so that around set nine and set 10 I will have to train to complete failure, if not calling on my gym partner for the last bit of help.

Triceps and shoulders have always been my strongest muscle groups and it’s them which I’ve always enjoyed training (legs coming in stone last position of course!) So it was interesting to see how I

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Gym Routine: Week 1 Day 3 Essential Rest day!!

This new training program that I started is one seriously strenuous routine. By no means is it easy.

Since I started high intensity training at the beginning of the year, the build up and size counts have been great, but it also came with a great amount rest! Slowly but surely, as my body was getting use to the heavy training, my rest periods were becoming shorter and shorter. Soon enough I was training every day without getting sore…

Here on day three with the german volume training…. Oh hell… Absolute pain beyond belief…

I’ve discover muscles  in my back that I never though existed -probably all due to the close 100 chin ups! My stomach, thighs, hips and calves are still burning and there doesn’t seem to be much light on the recover side with them any time soon….

However I have been very wise in including the correct nutrition intake plus including additional supplements three times a day (the protein shakes and l’glutamine) which I’m quite sure is exactly what my poor muscles are looking for!

Last week I read about the whole ‘idea’ or thoughts around 10 by 10 training. First, is that it hit’s your muscles HARD as it exposes the muscles to a high volume of repeated efforts. The body adapts pretty quickly in these cases by hypertrophying these specific muscles and their relevant fibers…  The result – engorges muscles and quick gains!

The other side is that this program hits your cardiovascular system like nothing I’ve experience with weight training. An all round perfect workout!

So it’s been one day of rest and then in to day 4′s training with arms and shoulders and then another three day rest. That should certainly be enough time for my poor muscles to recover and hopefully I’ll be able to walk a little better with limping!

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Gym Routine : Week 1 Day 2

If there’s a body part that I avoid training at all costs – it’s legs…. My legs have always been skinny and when I do / have trained them, I’ve never really noticed much of a change – so they took the last spot in the priority list…

Alas, my schedule said I had to do legs – and that’s precisely what happened… (Not that I didn’t stop bitching from the moment I walked in to the gym RIGHT until the end).

So this is what it looked like today…

Considering I haven’t trained legs in (um) months – I started off very lightly on the squats – for fear of popping my knee caps out, but half way through I realised that 10kg’s more would be a better push…

The same thing happened with leg curls.

I’m pretty much dedicating the first week to testing out which weights I can handle and which will be the better push in the weeks to come. Especially with legs which I haven’t training in such a long time and hence not being able to calculate my 1 rep maximum.

Now the ab exercises is what really got me going! It’s the low-cable pull ins. You link up a weight belt to the low cable on a pulley machine, stretch out quite a bit so that your knees are straight, and put your feet in the belt. Lift your knees up towards your chest, after setting an appropriate resistance on the pulley and go forward with 10 reps for 10 sets… 

I was also really glad that my training partner joined in as well although he had to catch up with Day 1′s exercises.

Thankfully tomorrow is an off day. Which I really really need. My chest and back are still aching from yesterday’s routine.

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Gym Routine – German Volume Training… Week 1 – Day 1

I’ve been hitting the gym for a good 6 months now and the gains that I have achieved through doing high-intensity training have been incredible.

However, for the past month I haven’t notice much gain in muscle size – time to admit that my body was bored and I’ve hit a plateau.

So with a bit of research I decided to try out the Vince Gironda method (also know s as the German Volume training) for the next 6 weeks.

In short (and in pain I might add) you have to do 10 sets per exercise with 10 repetitions of the same weight. The important bit is that you are only allowed a maximum of 90 seconds between sets. The short rest intervals stress the cardiovascular system to the point where calories are burned, hormones ruffled up and fat makes a very fast exit….

So I started this rather intense workout today with training two exercises for chest and two exercises for back.  It’s obvious that I had to use much lighter weights as to what I’m used to using while training high intensity. I got the training program from but modified somewhat…

Here’s the completed workout from this morning:

The dumbbell press was an absolute breeze. I was definitely being over cautious with the weight. Perhaps a little too over caustious. Technically one should be able to do 60% of one’s usual 1 rep maximum (1RM). There’s a handy little calculator here which works everything out for you if you know the weight and reps your do in a normal exercise. So… According to that – I should have been throwing around 20kg weight – I don’t think so…..

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Guest blogger: Emily Walsh – Holistic Approach to Cancer

In the beginning of August I was approached by Emily Walsh who offered to write up an article on the benefits of Reiki and other holistic modalities for my site. Well, I was overjoyed and am ever so thankful to her for such a wonderful article to share with everyone. Emily runs a FANTASTIC blog, called EM-Musings, which is incredibly informative.

Holistic Approach Lends a Hand to Cancer Patients by Emily Walsh

Among the things that nobody wants to hear from the doctor is the dreaded “C” word: cancer. It overwhelms its victims with a new vocabulary that may have big words such as chemotherapy, mesothelioma, radiation, prognosis or dozens of drug names or types of cancers. Although there have been many positive advances in modern medical technology to treat various cancers and its symptoms, there are often side effects from these treatments that can be just as bad or even worse than the disease itself.

Several oncologists in the West are starting to integrate Eastern medical practices that have been used for hundreds of years in the East. These holistic therapies have often been successful to ease side effects when used with traditional Western therapies. Reiki is among one of the alternative therapies that have been used. According to the official site of the American Cancer Society, several individuals have reported that they suffered less nausea and other side effects from taking chemotherapy and/or radiation. One small study revealed patients who reported having less pain while dealing with end-stage cancer. One of the downsides was that there were no reports of reduced pain medication for these patients in the test.

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